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We believe in marketing that is based on psychology and numbers. Psychology (the science of behavior and mind) and numbers are all around us. With understanding the meaning behind both, and with using the right KPI-s for your business, your marketing strategies will allow you to effectively apply them to your business’ growth.

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By providing expert marketing consulting, we advise and inspire overwhelmed business owners who are looking for a “action-by-action” plan to help them feel grounded and sure of what they are doing. Our clients have a clear sense of the direction their business’ marketing is heading, they know how to prepare and adapt new strategies by using analysis and customer insights. Our work is strongly based on a handful of numbers and metrics, and we provide insight into the way people tend to perceive them.



The meanings behind numbers and psychology are influenced by many factors, so our service fits best for the business owners who are passionate about taking profitable and sustainable action steps in order to build a strong and a powerful marketing strategy. Our family of clients are like-minded, collaborative, with a strong willingness to grow their business and they are ready to take action towards their marketing success.



Our clients come from very different backgrounds, but what they all have in common is their willingness to change & grow for progress. They are eager to work together & build long-lasting, trustful business relations.

Here is a testimonial from our client Kuusakoski AS:

“What I have appreciated the most over the years we have worked together, is the customized experience – willingness to always think along and create solutions that work best for my organization. I trust them to keep my company’s best interests in mind and that’s why I don’t need to oversee every little detail. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my business will benefit from this cooperation and that is the most important thing.” – Kuldar Suits, member of the board

Here is a testimonial from our partner Mediacom:

“In our co-operation with OurPower team, the communication has always been fast, professional, pleasant and goal-oriented. With mutual trust, we have been able to find great solutions for our clients in even the most complex situations. Together we have achieved a synergy that we believe is the key to success. When it comes to strategy and communication, we share the same vision and values – focusing on the big picture, without compromising on the details either.” – Maritta Oskin, Account Manager


Mari-Liis Vaher

Mari-Liis (maiden name Kallismaa) is a marketer and an entrepreneur with a master’s degree from University of Tartu. She has been active in sales and marketing for the last 15+ years. Mari-Liis helps her clients find and keep the focus in marketing, creating marketing strategies and implementable action plans. In addition, she helps teams with in-house consulting and workshops, so that everyone can work towards the same aim, focusing on the important goals and measurable metrics. Mari-Liis is also the co-author of Estonia’s first book about corporate gifts, called “10 steps towards the perfect gift”.

Laura Kukemelk

Laura graduated from Tallinn University of Technology (cum laude), specializing in business and marketing. For the last 5 years, Laura’s everyday has included marketing: making sure all necessary marketing activities for the clients get done, as well as creating marketing plans for existing and new customers. Her strengths are project management and planning, copywriting (incl. social media strategy and content plan), creating design briefs, coming up with slogans, preparing video- and radioscripts, putting together newsletters, analyzing and reporting according to the metrics and objectives.

Riho Vaher

Riho has been involved with sales and marketing for the last 20+ years and is an experienced entrepreneur since 2005. He has studied Business Administration at Tallinn University and has a degree in Financial Management from Tallinn University of Technology. He is highly skilled in sales and resource management, as well as creating a strategic plan for any organization’s promotional & corporate gifts. He brings the financial view into sales and marketing. In addition, he is the co-author of Estonia’s first book about corporate gifts, called “10 steps towards the perfect gift”.

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